Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Cats and What To Do With Leftover English Muffin White Pizza

Just a quick food thing before we get to the cats. I needed something for breakfast a couple days ago and I had a leftover white English muffin pizza. So I topped it with a scrambled egg. Breakfast pizza! It was wicked good. But most people come here on Sunday for the cats.

Noodles Has a Problem
(Originally posted on 8/22/08)
She needs some serious boxhab. None of these are staged.On the off chance Bob grows some thumbs and figures out how to use the net, here a couple shots of him to keep him from getting jealous.


tamilyn said...

What is it with cats and boxes? Our was crazy for them and he was entertained for hours!

Pizza for breakfast is always a good idea-I like mine heated up. I know some like it cold from the fridge-nope. Hot and melty wins. Hmmm, I have some EM left, some cheese and eggs......gotta go!

Reeni said...

Too funny! I had a slice of pizza toast leftover and I had it for breakfast with an egg on it. Those are the bomb! Moon and Noodles must be long-lost brothers, he does the same. So cute. And Bob is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious with boxes. I had chocolate mousse for breakfast, don't judge me.

Joie de vivre said...

Oh Bob, I love how you use wicked as an adjective for an adjective! Can I use it like this? "That breakfast pizza looks wicked amazing!" Or am I just butchering the syntax?

Bob said...

tamilyn: I read something somewhere that they believe boxes are gateways to paradise. I can't recall the source, so I don't know how reliable it is. ;)

Reeni: Great minds think alike. Heh, Bob is pretty. We call him our little metro.

noble pig: Hey, it's got eggs and dairy. You're good to go.

Joie: Nope, that's fine! Thanks. ;)

vanillasugarblog said...

ya know it's pretty damn obvious breakfast at your house is wicked. LOL! (get it? get it?) I know I crack myself up, no need for an audience.

Kiezie said...

I love cats and boxes! It is truly a wonderful and entertaining combination!! LOL!!! Great breakfast idea too!!

Kendra said...

I love doing something wonderful with leftovers!

The kitties are so funny with the boxes..mines love to do the same thing when they get a chance :)

Spryte said...

I've never made white english muffin pizzas (or had leftover english muffin pizzas!!)

I was cleaning yesterday and just threw out all of my cat boxes! I had 4 in my kitchen!

They'll have to start from scratch with the next item that comes to our house in a box!

Tangled Noodle said...

Noodles in a box: "If I stay still, no one can see me . . . "

Dazy said...

I think it's great work on that pizza! It makes me so happy to see this being used on such beautiful food. Thanks for the idea.


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