Monday, May 20, 2013

Go to the New Cooking Stuff!

So I'm mostly settled in in Iowa and I'm going to start posting more regularly over at the new Cooking Stuff. You should be following me, going there frequently and putting links up everywhere. On a chat board? Put a link in your signature! On Facebook? Go ahead and post links everyday! Enjoy painting? Paint the address on your car, house, children and pets! These are all perfectly reasonable things to do and would make me feel loved. You do want me to feel loved, right?

I also post about food there, like this delicious bread.
I'm going to post the recipe later this week, assuming my sister remembers to give it to me. She has many adorable children that tend to distract her, but I am also posting about them. So really there are many reasons to do it and none to not. So go. Now. Or else I'll cry. Heh.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cooking Stuff Has Moved!

That's right, I'm finally over at WordPress using the apt title Cooking Stuff. I'm still working out the kinks and learning how to use their stuff, but I have a post up so I figured I'd make the announcement. I'm keeping this blog here to use as an archive and also as a place to borrow old posts from periodically so I don't have to write new ones. So yeah, all the excitement is going to be happening there from now on. I wish I could get into my Facebook page to let people there know, but if I've learned one thing in this life it's that the Facebook admins will not help you. Heh. Anyway, onward and upward. Or over-ward... whatever. Go read my post about bread.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm Still Here... Sort Of.

So I am still around and even still cooking, the reason I haven't posted lately is my camera is being stupid. Or possibly it's my computer, I'm not sure. But I can't get my computer to acknowledge my camera's memory card which is unfortunate since I've been baking a lot of bread lately and it's pretty photogenic.

 Here is a crappy nighttime pic of some along with a chunk of seared flank steak. chipotle onions and broccoli sauteed in the steak juices.
 I'm also toying with moving over to WordPress. I have a couple reasons, not the least of which being that I've almost used up all my free memory here and I'm not paying for Blogspot.

So don't forget about me, hopefully I'll have this nonsense sorted out soon and will be able to share my exciting bread baking adventures with you kids.


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