Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wine Review: Riesling

Here is another Bakespace wine review for you guys. Enjoy!

Price: 11.99
Year: 2005

Short intro from the wine maker about the wine: Nope, nothing.
Review:I smell grapes, vanilla and caramel. A bit of a tingle of acidity going in then it's sweet. So sweet. And that's the main flavor. Sweet. Tastes almost like, well white grape juice. Clings to your mouth and leaves a thick kind of sensation, almost like you were drinking syrup. Have I mentioned that it's sweet? Now, it's not that it's bad. It's actually kind of nice, in a cloying kind of way.

I tasted it with milk chocolate, which brought out some fruit flavors and went pretty well with it and a chocolate raspberry cookie where it went well, but not as well as the straight milk chocolate. But with dark chocolate, then it gets even better. The dark chocolate cut through the sweet and you can really taste the fruit of the wine. Fruit seems to be it's only flavor, but it's good.
Would you buy again?: Maaaaaybe...
Wine Pairing Ideas/Recipes: Chocolate. Dessert. I made some dark molten chocolate cakes a while ago, those would have been unreal with it. This would be good for making a punch with or a spritzer or something like that.


Hayley said...

I love sweet wines. And though I'm admittedly terrible at picking out flavors in wines (I've been with people who are like, "Do you get that tinge of orange in the aftertaste?" while I sit there just smiling and nodding...) I can definitely taste when something is paired correctly or not. It still amazes me how flavors work (or don't work!) together.

The Brutal Gourmet said...

You might be surprised at how well a cloyingly sweet wine works with spicy foods. The opposition brings whole new depths to the game. Try it with some really hot scheshuan or Indian dishes.

Bob said...

Hayley: Heh, I'm the same way. I'm getting better at picking out scents/tastes, but I'm still learning. But when something is paired poorly I can totally tell. ;)

Brutal: That's what I've heard, but I didn't have anything spicy around when I was drinking it. Next time. Heh.


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