Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Burger, an Award and a Wine Review: Muscat

Ok, first the burger. This is a food blog after all. I made this for lunch the other day, it was really simple and wicked good. Sometimes, if I get my hands on large quantities of ground beef, I make patties and freeze them. That way I can whip up burgers easily for, say, lunch. But I minimally season them, that way they are more versatile. The only seasoning in the burger itself is salt, I sometimes add pepper too but I've found I actually like it better at the end so it's more fresh tasting. Anyway, it had a little mayo, spinach, fresh ground black pepper and some mozzarella. It was on a good sesame bun that I toasted, then put the cheese on the bottom and melted it under the broiler. Good stuff.

Now the award. Tamilyn from Butter My Kitchen has given me the Honest Scrap Award. Thanks Tamilyn! If you folks haven't, you should go check out her blog. She makes some good stuff. Plus it has a great name. Heh.

Now, I'm supposed to list ten honest things about myself and then pass it along. So... ten honest things, huh? Hm, all right. Bear in mind, they'll be honest, but that doesn't mean they won't be totally random.

1: I play a lot of video games. I like old school Nintendo RPGs the most.
2: I've never had spaghetti squash. At least, not that I know of.
3: I've seen every Friday the 13th movie ever made. The first one is a classic, the rest are just hilarious.
4: I love Legos. My dream job would be designing and testing new sets. I don't know if that job actually exists, but hey.
5: While I'm dreaming, I want a giraffe too. They are just so cool.
6: Since we're talking about animals, I like wildlife documentaries. I like them enough that I actually own a couple boxed sets of Nature.
7: I don't watch much TV at all. I watch cooking shows and documentaries on PBS and sometimes the Simpsons and Family Guy. Although I haven't been pleased with the last couple seasons of the Simpsons or this one of FG. But that could be a post by itself...
8: I hate movie remakes, especially if the first one was really good.
9: I'm terrible at finishing things.

I'm going to pass it along to:
Reeni, from Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice. She's has a great blog and makes all kinds of mad good stuff. She also has a cat who I want some of the honest things to be about. Hint hint. Heh.
Next, Emily over at Sugar Plum. She's a superstar, having been on Ultimate Recipe Showdown on Food Network. But she doesn't let it go to her head, she's still whipping up tasty stuff to share with everyone. Virtually share, unfortunately.
Last but not least, Karen at Karen Cooks. Bacon wrapped venison tenderloin. Yeah. That's enough by itself, but she also takes great pictures.

Now the wine review. I liked this one and am going to be getting more soon to do something cool with. I'm still a little vague on the details, but it's going to involve berries.

Name:Red Electra
Year: 2006

Short intro from the wine maker about the wine: Red Electra is easy (only 5% alcohol). It's a party wine with a zippy taste. Like a handful of freshly picked summer berries, it is sweet, succulent, luscious and lively. Red Electra is fun.
Review: Despite the fact that the maker's intro sounds like it was translated into English from Japanese, it's one of the most accurate intros I've come across. It smells like lavender and fruit and tastes like strawberries and honey. Where was this wine when I was a teenager? It's almost like a wine cooler, but better. Very sweet, but not as cloying as the Riesling I had. It's got this weird slightly fizzy thing that I'm not sure if I like or not. My girlfriend actually liked it, mostly because it's practically soda.
Would you buy again?: Yes, I have plans for it.
Wine Pairing Ideas/Recipes: Dessert. Things with berries like shortcakes, tarts or cobbler (whew, there's a post screaming for new pictures). Anything with a strong vanilla taste would go well, like yellow cake or rice pudding. I think coffee cake would be good too. It went well with Dove milk chocolate, but wasn't spectacular. I would go for fruit and berries (maybe melon? I'm not a big melon fan.) over chocolate with it.


Emily said...

Thanks for the kind words!

That looks like a delicious burger. I need help with making burgers, I think.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award! The muscat sounds great. I'll have to check this one out.

Kendra said...

Great burger and congrats on the award.

I'm not much on TV either. I tend to be a geeky book worm. I do like Family Guy though..Stewie rocks. I love RPG's too. The Final Fantasy games got me when I was younger.

Bob said...

Emily: Hey, I can help you with burgers, what do you need to know? I make them all the time. :)

5 Star Foodie: Thanks! I'd like to know what you think if you do try it.

Kendra: Thanks! Heh, I read more than anything else too. I love the FF games, I'm actually in the middle of one right now.

Reeni said...

I'm craving a burger now, that looks soooo tasty!! Thanks for such sweet words! I hardly ever do these kinds of things but I think I will do this one today.

Karen said...

I like the idea of broiling the cheese onto the bottom of the bun. This burger looks SO good! Thanks for the award... I'll have to start thinking honestly so I can answer the questions. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that is low alcohol...I think dessert would be a good option with it.

Tangled Noodle said...

The burger looks delicious, the muscat sounds tasty and congratulations on your award! Whew - you've been busy!

oregonphotography said...

Do you grind up your own hamburger or just form the patties? I have a ball grinding up my own. You can use a lot of different meats when you do. Anyway, you have a well laid out blog. Best to you!

BBQing Tips From Deep In The Heart Of Oregon

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I just had to laugh about your "I'm terrible at finishing things" Lol! Nice burguer too!

Bob said...

Reeni: Thanks for playing. :)

Karen: Thanks! Heh, I won't hold it against you if it's not all honest.

noble pig: Oh yeah, it's practically dessert by itself.

Tangled Noodle: Heh, thanks! :)

Thom: Thanks! I don't grind my own. I wish I could, but I just don't have room for a grinder in my tiny apartment.

Clumbsy Cookie: Thanks! :)

Kathleen Bade said...

You're right Bob, it looks freakin good. And I'll bet it tasted even better.

: )

Bob said...

Kathleen: Thanks! Yeah, it did. :)

Kiezie said...

The burger looks delicious -- really good!! Congrats on the award!! And I like the muscat review too!


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