Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beer Post: Chimay Première

This is just a quickie for any of you who like beer. Chimay makes some great trappist ales. I like both of the ones I've had, the red (Première) and the blue (Grande Réserve). I like the blue a bit more, it's darker, richer and a bit bitter. And a bit more expensive. But the red is also very good, just a bit lighter in taste, color and alcohol content. Plus it's also what I happened to buy most recently. They go great with anything grilled or seared like burgers, steaks or sausages, but are also light enough (in flavor, they run 7-10% alcohol) to have with chicken or pork. So go out and get a bottle or two, if you like beer chances are you will like this.


Reeni said...

The bottles are cool looking!! Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Is that JIM-ay or Ch-eye-a?

Vicki said...

I had my 1st Chimay a couple months ago, I'm hooked!

Bob said...

Reeni: They are like champagne bottles, cork and everything. ;)

noble pig: I'm pretty sure it's chi (like chimp)-MAI, but I'm not sure.

Vicki: Aren't they awesome? Do you remember which kind you had?

Vicki said...

We had the blue. Quite pricey, but also quite tasty.

Daniel said...

There couldn't be a better subject for a blog post. We love Chimay! I don't know how those Belgians do it but they somehow can make really high-alcohol beers taste absolutely amazing.

I just wish it cost a little less... :)

Casual Kitchen

Anonymous said...

Love chimay beer! Gotta go get some now :)

Spryte said...

I don't like beer... but when I'm beer shopping for Jon in MA, I usually pick up a few different Chimays! =)


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