Sunday, January 11, 2009

You Asked for More Cats,

So here, more of my cats. For those of you who haven't been formally introduced, this is Bob (the original, I'm just a poser).That's his Playboy pose. This is Noodles.She's a nut bag. She also likes to spoon. This is a crappy picture, but they are actually touching. Of their own free will. It's the first time they have ever slept together.The only other snuggling they have done is when they both want to be in my lap when I'm at the computer.Eventually one of them will just leave. So there you have it, more cats. I'm going to be adding more pics to the slideshow in the sidebar soon, maybe even getting a new slideshow method so it's not so small. And since this is still a food blog, I leave you with this photo: white pizza with chicken. It's has been my profile picture over at Foodbuzz since I signed up there, but I can't remember if I ever posted it here. It was a great pizza.


Spryte said...

Yay!!! Cats & Pizza!! Two of my favorite things!!!

Reeni said...

Those are some gorgeous cats!! That pizza is pretty good looking too, yummy.

vanillasugarblog said...

awwww! My kitty doesn't snuggle that much...I want your snuggle-doodles!
My cat will snuggle up when it's artic cold in the house or when the electric blanket is on and set at 6. lol

Anonymous said...

Are those showcats?

Bob said...

Spryte: Heh, mine too. :)

Reeni: They are rather pretty, Noodles looks like one of those nougat things with the almonds in it and Bob looks like Nermal. Heh.

Dawn: They are both pretty cuddly, it's cool.

noble pig: Nope, just fluffy. ;)

Stacey Snacks said...

I like men who have cats, because the cats "own" them! It shows that they are very secure with themselves, and most likely eat quiche! (I know you don't do tofu!).

We love our cat!
Hey, who is under the Star Wars blanket???????

Bob said...

Stacey: Not only do I eat quiche, but I MAKE quiche. ;) And yeah, our cats totally own us. Heh.

That's my girlfriend under the blanket. The more light that comes in the bedroom in the morning, the higher up her head the blanket goes. :)

Karen said...

What cuties. My two cats (gone a couple years now) just barely tolerated each other... I always wished they would cuddle up together. Both of them lived to be 17 years old!

Melissa said...

I hope no one invaded *your* privacy the first time *you* slept with a woman ;)

Joking - cute kitties! <3

Bob said...

Melissa: Now what makes you think it was Noodles first time? ;)

Besides, it was my bed!


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