Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wine Review: Malbec the Third

This is the last Malbec review I did over at Bakespace. We've had a lot of fun over there doing these wine reviews, Spryte in particular really goes all out, which is wicked cool.

Sur de los Andes
Price: 11.99
Year: 2006

Short intro from the wine maker about the wine:This Malbec has charming sweet, minty, leafy-menthol, plum and berry aromas. It has a rich palate and juicy acidity along with excellent precision and purity. Some presence of vanilla and tobacco tones. A wine to enjoy with red and white meats, pastas and salads. Drink now through 2009.
Review:I smell the sweet and berry aromas, but nothing that I would call mint or menthol, although there is a "green" scent that I can't put my finger on. Fairly acidic and very dry but pleasant (Note: I do like dry, even wicked dry wines. If you don't like dry this will not be for you.). It's rich, but the richness is subtle, if that makes any sense, almost like an undertone. I can taste the vanilla and the same green flavor as in the aroma, but I wouldn't call it mint or tobacco. It has an almost spicy aftertaste, instead of metallic.
Would you buy again?:Yes
Wine Pairing Ideas/Recipes:I would want to drink this with a big ol' seared steak (salt and pepper, no fancy seasonings) and some garlic potato wedges (or crash hot potatoes). I think it would also be good with a really strong flavored spice cake, maybe a rum one, but that just might be because of the aftertaste. It might also be good mulled if you sweetened it a bit.


Spryte said...

LOL!! Especially since I don't like wine! Actually, I can't say that anymore... I do like Riesling now!

Anonymous said...

Which one was your favorite of the three Malbec wines? I enjoyed reading your reviews.

Bob said...

Spryte: See? Before you know it you will be sipping Merlot. :D

5 Star Foodie: Thanks! This one was definitely my favorite. It didn't have that weird metallic after taste. Plus I think it has more potential for use in cooking than the others.

Reeni said...

You make me want some with those words like berry, vanilla and...tobacco? Is that normal in a wine?

Bob said...

Reeni: Heh, I don't know if it's normal, but I didn't really taste it in there. Bear in mind, my palate is very unrefined. There was that green taste/smell that someone who knows what they are talking about might have called tobacco, but it didn't seem like it to me.


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