Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunday Cat Post

I think I'm going to start doing cat posts every Sunday. I actually have a blog set up for my cats, but what I think I'm going to do is just merge it into this one. I almost never post there, I haven't spent any time to speak of making it look nice and it doesn't have any readers anyway. I had set it up initially to share pictures of my cats with family, but any family I have who reads anything of mine is reading this blog. So there it is.

Today I'm going to repost the first two posts from there, the ones that introduced my cats. I wrote these within the first couple weeks we had Noodles. I had had Bob since 2001 or so and Noodles showing up threw him for a loop. Noodles was so small when we got her, she obviously (in hindsight) wasn't full grown yet. Anyway, here they are.

Meet Bob:
(originally posted July 15, 2008)
Just so there is no confusion, Bob is not my real name. It is the name of my cat, which I have taken as a nom de blog. My real name is not important. This is the real Bob. He is the sweetest, mellowest cat I have ever known. He likes to sit in my lap, especially when I am at the computer. He sometimes sits in my girlfriends lap, but since he is enormous he doesn't fit well. The vets say he isn't unhealthily (is that a real word?) fat, most of his size is normal. He is just big. And fluffy, very very fluffy. He also likes having his armpits rubbed. Who knows, he is pretty weird. He spends most of his time chilling often in the storage cubes I keep my clothes in. I have wound up leaving one empty so he can have it. He is also the wimpiest cat I have ever met. I have seen him be chased around the kitchen by an ant. Seriously. I wish I had a pic of that. He has taken to sleeping in a corner of the apartment under the kitchen table since Noodles arrived. They are still hashing out their relationship. He also likes to sleep on the bed, at least when it's not too hot. That's pretty much all there is to know, he is a big, healthy, kinda dim, very wussy, not even vaguely graceful, sweet guy. Here are some more pictures.Meet Noodles:
(originally posted July 16, 2008)
We just recently adopted Noodles, we have only had her for two and a half weeks. She is an adorable little pain in the butt. Unlike Bob she jumps up on counters, the fridge, pretty much anything she can get to. She is still settling in, she isn't sure how she feels about Bob, but she loves us. Not that it is us specificly, it's people in general. She is a little tramp. We keep her separated from Bob right now when we aren't around, to reduce conflict, and whenever we open the door to the living room she jumps up and runs over to us purring like a kitten and demanding love. Sometimes she and Bob get along ok.. Right after this picture was taken Bob reached out ever so slowly and gently and put his paw on top of hers. And she freaked out. Not surprising. But often they will just sit near each other, pretending the other doesn't exist. Which is fine. We like that much more than hissing and swatting. Which is of course all her, Bob just looks confused. She likes to rest her head on things, get under the bed and sit in boxes. So, that's all there is about the little girlie right now. Further updates as events warrant.


vanillasugarblog said...

So I've been calling you Bob all along! LOL!
I didn't know you had a blog for your cats...that's cute. I know my Tiki would love to have that, all that attention adorned onto him, oh yeah.
Looks like the two cats are getting closer, ever so slowly, to being close. I love how they like to sit near each other only to ignore each other! LOL Stellar cat behavior.

Reeni said...

That is funny how I thought your name was really Bob. I used to wonder why you named your cat after yourself. But you didn't. Very clever. Your cats are so cute!! They remind me of Jack my parents cat and my cat Moon. When I moved back home with Moon that didn't go over to well with Jack. They still don't get along, we have to keep them mostly separated or else closely supervised.

Karen said...

Hi Bob! (I'm talking to the cat) Hi Noodles! You two kitties are sooo cute. Tell us... what is your daddy's *real* name because we've been calling him Bob now we're all confused.

Spryte said...

YAY!!! It's like Caturday... but on Sunday!

Bob said...

Dawn: Heh, yeah they are getting much better. They almost cuddle now and never really fight anymore.

Reeni: We're pretty lucky that they get along well enough to be left unsupervised now. Our apartment isn't big enough for two permanently fighting cats.

Karen: Well, my real name is Justin. It's not really a secret (especially since one of my sisters slipped up and called me by it in a comment a couple months ago. Plus I fessed up on Bakespace.), just something I had decided to do. I've been toying with switching to my real name, it would make some things easier.

Spryte: Exactly! :D

Clumbsy Cookie said...

And I thought you were the Bob! Yous cats are sooooooooooooooo cute! I want a cat now!

Hayley said...

Aw...this makes me miss my kitties...

It sounds like they're adjusting to each other rather well, all things considered.

Bob said...

Clumbsy: Heh, nope. Just an impostor. The real Bob may not be as handy in the kitchen, but he is much cuter than me. :)

Hayley: They are, which makes us happy. They aren't exactly cuddling, but they play together and sleep near each other sometimes.

Gina Kadlec said...

Hey Bob... have you seen the mean kitty video on UTube??? It's so funny you gotta check it out! Love your kitties! I have a kitty named Biff... he's a good kitty.

The Brutal Gourmet said...

I love that last picture. There is just something about nursing kittens. Of course, Minerva was the best.


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