Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sausage, Onion and Cheese Stuffed French Toast

I told you I'd do it. I warned you. I said "I don't see why you couldn't do a savory version of this" and then I went and did it. And it was really, really good. I could go for another one right now. I figure that since the details are handled in a past post, I'll just hit the highlights.

First I browned up just a little bit of kielbasa. But bacon would have been good, or breakfast sausage, or something like mushrooms (if you're into them). Then fillings: cheese, onion, kielbasa and more cheese. A gentle squish to help it hold together. Then I wrapped it in foil and tossed it in the oven for a couple minutes to give the cheese a head start. Then I dipped it in the egg and slapped it on the griddle. A little salt and pepper and a flip. Cooked on the other side and that's it. Look at that. I didn't even top it with anything, I just picked it up and ate it like a sandwich. Of course if you used bacon or breakfast sausage a little syrup wouldn't hurt. I wound up having a bunch of egg left over and had lost a little of the filling into it too. Sooooo, scrambled eggs then. Those were also good. Heh. So does anyone else who uses blogger notice that pictures seem to be darker after they are uploaded? Or is it just me?


Spryte said...

That looks SO good!!!!!!!

vanillasugarblog said...


Bob said...

Spryte: Thanks! :)

Dawn: Ha! That's the name of the game kiddo. ;)

Reeni said...

Oh my... You are a genius, that looks out of this world with yumminess. Yes, I have been noticing my pictures are darker on blogger!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh geez, I see my Maker's mark! Ha! This is so, so, soooooo yummy sounding. I love it.

Vicki said...

Oh sweet Jebus, I must make this. And now that you mention it, yes, my pictures do look slightly darker after uploading. But I don't think I would've noticed if you hadn't pointed it out.

Bob said...

Reeni: Oh my, I don't think I've never been called a genius before. Thanks! (blush)

noble pig: Thanks! Oh yeah, Makers Mark is the bomb. ;)

Vicki: Thanks, let me know how it turns out for you. :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has the darker pic issue. I noticed it because that last pic of the sliced sandwich looked so much better before I uploaded it. It didn't look like it had crossed over to the dark side. Heh.

Beckie said...

Holy crapola! That looks so yummy. However, onions are HORRIBLE!!! I would use mushrooms instead!

Amanda said...

Hey Bob, always see you posting comments at Drew's so I thought I would stop by. These sandwiches look fabulous!!

Bob said...

Beckie: Heh, my girlfriend won't eat onions like this either. They have to be diced tiny and well cooked. But that's the beauty of this kind of recipe, put whatever you want in it! :)

Amanda: Thanks for coming by! And thanks for the compliment. :)

Anonymous said...

this looks JUST like this really yummy "fried" sandwich that a local restaurant (Bennigans) makes! which just happens to be my husband's favorite menu item there. thank you for your ingenuity in coming up with this recipe! my husband, in advance, thanks you :)

(i found your blog through your comment at pioneer woman.)

Bob said...

puregredients: Heh, thanks. :) If you make it for him, let me know what he thinks!

Anonymous said...

Kielbasa or not...this would still be awesome with syrup. A nice, thick 'ol glop of maple. You have inspired us to go forth and try it!

Anonymous said...

I love savory french toasts - it looks wonderful! The colors are definitely darker on blogger and I usually make my pictures a little brighter before I upload them - I do the 'Adjust auto-levels' effect in Photoshop.

Aggie said...

OH man...this looks and sounds GOOD!! My husband would freak if I surprised him with this for breakfast!! ;)

Bob said...

Duo: Heh, I bet you're right.

5 Star: Thanks!

Aggie: Well if you do, let me know how you guys like it. :)

Shelby said...

Hey, good to not waste! ;)

This is a cool sounding sandwich.

Bob said...

HoneyB: Thanks! Yeah, wasting is bad. Especially when you can eat it instead. ;)


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