Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Homemade Honey Mustard Dressing/Dip/Sauce, Homemade Quick Flatbread and the Sandwich I Made with Them

Honey Mustard Dressing/Dip/Sauce

1 part honey
1 part dijon mustard
1 part mayonnaise
dash of salt
pinch of cayenne
twist or two of fresh black pepper
dash of rice wine vinegar

Whisk everything together. Chill for an hour or two (or longer) to let the flavors mingle.

Quick Garlic and Black Pepper Flatbread

3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup ice water
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
pinch of baking soda
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/8 tsp fresh black pepper

Combine all the ingredients and mix into a dough. Cut into 4 or 5 equal pieces. Roll out to a thin 8 inch circle. Prick the surface of the dough with a fork and cook on an oiled hot griddle. Turn with a spatula. Watch these flat bread disks closely because they cook fast, about 30 seconds. Serve warm. (slightly adapted from here.)

First off, the dressing. I love honey mustard stuff. It's just a good time. And since I enjoy it I clearly needed to make my own. This is a mash-up of a couple different recipes I found online, adjusted to my tastes. I realize the measurements are less than precise, but it's really the best I could do with it. This kind of thing is really best adjusted to your own tastes. Like it spicy? Add some more cayenne. Extra tangy something you enjoy? More vinegar or a sharper one like straight up white vinegar. I saw a couple recipes that had has much as three times as much mayonnaise as honey and mustard. I suppose if you wanted a more mayo-y sauce you could do that, but it seemed a little much to me. I found this to be a great balance and will definitely be making it for all my honey mustard needs in the future. And it couldn't be easier either. Just put everything in a bowl and whisk it. Let it chill for a bit and there you go.

Now, the flatbread. This recipe is ok, but it needs more tweeking. The texture comes out really good, but the flavor is kind of... well, weird. They tasted like salty pancakes. The original called for a tablespoon of salt, which I found painfully salty. So I cut it in half and it was still pretty bad. So I suggest using a teaspoon, that's what I'm going to do next time. I also might cut down on the baking powder since I think that's where the pancake taste is coming from. But I think that will mess with the texture, which would be a shame. Well, more experiments are clearly needed. I will do an update when I get it better. Here is what I did this time. I had whisked together the dry ingredients then added the oil and water. Mixed that up. It comes together pretty fast, which is nice. Turned it out onto a floured counter and rolled it into a tube kind of thing. And didn't get a picture. Sorry. I was doing a half recipe, so I cut it into three pieces instead of four or five. I was wicked excited to use my bench scraper too. I hadn't used it to cut dough yet. Then I just rolled it out into... er, trapezoids? Something like that. Then I slapped it onto a hot preheated, non stick skillet. Let it sit for a bit, then flip. They cook in about 30 seconds. Like I said, the flavor wasn't the best, but the texture was very good. Soft and pliable, but not too chewy. You could actually wrap them around things without breaking it. Which was the whole reason I made them, so that was good. Next, the wrap.

I fried up some strips of turkey kielbasa and some peppers. I used frozen, sliced mixed peppers. They're great for this kind of thing. Then onto a piece of flatbread with it, added some of the honey mustard and some spinach. Then fold and eat. This was a great sandwich and pretty healthy too. The kielbasa was a low fat turkey kind, lots of peppers and fresh spinach. I used reduced fat mayo in the dressing and the rest of the fat is olive oil, so... yeah. Not too bad. And check this out:Wrapped around the stuff, no ripping.


Wandering Coyote said...

I really have to try to make my own flatbread...

Awesome sandwich!

Ha - word verification = "prepers"

Dewi said...

Oh wow, that's it? only take 30 seconds? will definitely make it. I love flat bread.

Your dressing/dip/sauce sounds really good, love the cayenne in it.

dbrociner said...

Thanks for the honey mustard recipe. My kids love the stuff and I've never thought about adding the mayo. I just used the honey and the dijon and I knew I was missing something. I'll give it a try.

A word on the turkey kielbasa: why bother? If you're going to eat that why not just have the real thing? Like I always ask about turkey bacon, just where on the turkey does the bacon come from? See the point? I think the pork stuff is actually better for you regardless of the fat content. I'd bet my Michael Pollen books on it.

Vicki said...

I've had success w/flatbread with yeast. Takes longer, but tastes better IMHO.

Van Santos said...

I've got a few ideas for bread these days, and I've just added another.... Thanks Bob!

Unknown said...

Dude, you are the king of sandwiches!!!

vanillasugarblog said...

Yeah you totally are the king of tasty sandwiches.
I have to try adding in the red wine vinegar to my honey/mustard sauce.
But you kow I'm so with you on the sauce. I love a good honey mustard sauce, and I want a lot of it on my sammies or burgers or roll ups!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that is so true! lol. But, I think I'd need a banana to go with the cookie, and unfortunately we're out of those as well. Heck, maybe I'll just go to the store tonight! :)

Great recipes you have, thanks!

Bob said...

Wandering Coyote: Thanks! It was easy to make, but it definitely needs work.

Elra: Yep, 30 seconds or so. If I can just get the taste fixed it will be perfect. Heh.

vegan'till6: No sweat, let me know how it turns out for you. As for the turkey kielbasa, I'm not sure how it's not real. It's just ground up turkey (like the other ones are ground up beef/pork) with kielbasa spices, it's good. It's not the same flavor as the pork or beef kinds (I usually get the beef), but that's part of why I use it. To change things up a bit. I would be interested in any info you have on how the pork kind is healthier than the turkey kind though, I'm intrigued.

Vicki: Yeah, yeast flatbread does taste much better, but I was looking for a really fast version.

Van Santos: Heh, no problem. :)

Danielle: Thanks!

Dawn: Thanks! Yeah, honey mustard is the bomb. I was really pleased with how this turned out, I'm definitely never buying bottled again.

Bob said...

dlish: Heh, sometimes the store has to happen. Thanks. :)

noble pig said...

Hey that looks like a lunch for me! Love the colors and that bread...yum.

Stacey Snacks said...

Look at you, making your own flatbread!
I am way too lazy!
These look amazing!

PS I agree w/ vegan'till6 regarding the turkey bacon. It really isn't healthier for you, trust me.

Reeni said...

I am a honey-mustard freak!! I always wanted to make my own - I will definitely try this one. And your flatbreads look awesome-better than store-bought. Yummmmmyy sandwich!!!

Donna-FFW said...

Honey mustard is my all time favorite dressing.. I am trying your version.. I have never made flatbread before but it looks delcious with that filling..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! Ya, let's hope I don't have it. I have offically lost my voice now, so I have no clue? :\

Bob said...

noble pig: Thanks!

Stacey Snacks: Heh, it really wasn't hard. It just needs some work on the flavor. I would be interested in knowing what about turkey kielbasa is as bad as regular kielbasa, if you have a source you can point me towards. Thanks!

Reeni: Thanks, let me know how you like it! :)

Donna: Thanks! The flatbread was ok, once I work on it some I'll do an update post.

Anonymous: Thanks, I'll check that out.

dlish: Heh, at least you aren't a radio personality. Good luck at the dr!

noobcook said...

I've always love mustard dressing for my salad but I seldom make my own. Your home made one looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Super bomb wrap! That looks goooood.

Tangled Noodle said...

The dressing and wrap are incredible! I love that the flatbread is totally homemade. I don't mind if the flavor is not all there - it gives the dressing a chance to shine!

dbrociner said...

My theory on why the turkey kielbasa is worse for you than pork: it's a fat = flavor thing. Turkey is so lean that I wonder what they have to do to it to make it taste like kielbasa. Turkey sausage is a modern invention; pork, beef, lamb sausages have been around forever. I'll stick with the pork or beef version and take my chances.

Van Santos said...

Bob. I tried this today (posting is up, you'll see it) OH MY GOD this bread is amazing.

I highly suggest that anyone give this a try.

Anonymous said...
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