Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Substitutions: Clabbered Milk for Buttermilk

Ever want to make something that needs buttermilk but not have any on hand and don't feel like going to the store? Well fortunately, there is a substitute! Clabbered milk is *almost* buttermilk and it works just fine. I actually almost never have buttermilk, this is what I typically use when a recipe calls for it. But why would I be making this now? Well, tune in later to find out!

Clabbered Milk:

1 tbl lemon juice or white vinegar
a little less than a cup of milk

Measure out the juice or vinegar into a cup measure, then fill it with milk. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Use it like buttermilk.


Anonymous said...

I've used that trick for years and no one would ever know!

The Brutal Gourmet said...

Quite frankly, I prefer to sour my own milk for baking. Especially if I am doing something delicate, I like to know exactly how much acid I am putting in the batter, and if you buy real buttermilk you just can't be sure what it is like without litmus paper. And it has been a long time since I have been in a chemistry lab.

Mind you, for soaking chicken it is a totally different thing. There are complex lipoproteins and assorted other goodies in real cultured buttermilk which you cannot get with artificially soured milk.

Reeni said...

I tend to shy away from recipes that use buttermilk because it's just not something I keep on hand. Thanks for the great tip!

Bob said...

biz: I've never been able to tell the difference either. I won't tell anyone if you won't. Except the.. whole.. world... er. :)

Brutal: Good to know about soaking the chicken, I won't try to use the clabbered milk for that. Thanks!

Reeni: Now I charge you to go forth and make something that requires buttermilk! Forsooth! And you're welcome. :)

Vicki said...

I must've thrown out a hundred cartons of buttermilk gone bad! I was so happy when I learned the make-your-own trick!

Bob said...

Vicki: If you don't use a lot of butter milk then it's a money saver all right.

kaje said...

There are people who throw out buttermilk unused?!?! That's criminal! You cook up a mess o' potatoes and mash them up with the buttermilk. Much healthier and darn near as fabulous as using tons of butter and cream.


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