Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Cats #73

The holidays are a special time for our cats. My girlfriend hangs up their stockings and if they are good, they each get a can of wet food. Well, even if they aren't good. Because we're suckers. (Fancy Feast did not endorse this. However, if any of their reps are watching and want to pay me, that would be awesome.)

They go nuts for the stinky stuff, it's the most vocal the real Bob ever gets. Noodles of course goes right after his before she's even finished hers. Because she doesn't like it when Bob has nice things. Or possibly because he was too close to the tattered remains of her most recent lover. It's hard to tell, she's ... well, not exactly complex. Inscrutable? I don't know, she's nuts. Good thing for her she's so cute.


vanillasugarblog said...

yeah my cat loves the "junk food" of wet food once in a while. goes crazy for it. it's like Doritos for cats you know
merry christmas!!

Tina said...

Ours would get a can of wet food either way...why not, it's Christmas...and they are spoiled creatures (mine anyway).


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