Thursday, March 22, 2012

Double Swiss Burger Calzone

Oh baby. Now this is one of those where you have to wonder, "is this really a calzone? I mean, aren't there guidelines and such? Also... hey, where'd it go? How did I eat that whole thing while I was thinking?!" Heh, because it's really good and doesn't matter, get it? Eh? Eh?


So. Do you have hamburger but no buns? Do you have pizza dough but not the desire to turn that into buns? Well, wrap it around your burger and toppings, cook it and you're all set! Any toppings really, although I honestly wouldn't recommend lettuce, but then cooked lettuce skeeves me out. Most everything else is dandy, me I went the simple, classic route. Ketchup and mustard. Burger. Swiss cheese, more burger and onions. Seal it up, stick some sesame seeds on for nutrition and cook. Heh, it has a face. And of course it's wicked good. What other kind of things could you fill it with, you ask? Well, bacon. Guacamole. Tomatoes, pickles, sauteed onion, garlic, bbq sauce, alfredo sauce, ham, jalapenos, salsa, pineapple... anything really. Plus if you wanted to keep your veggies cool and crispy you could just stuff them in after it cooks. Of course that's a lot of effort, maybe just have a salad. Or fries. Or another calzone...


Mom said...

That looks really good--did you cook the hamburger first? Mom

Bob said...

Mom: Yep, I did. It's not in the oven long enough to cook something so dense through.

dani said...

hmm.. looks like delicious
im so hungry


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