Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Cats #83

The real Bob has two new favorite places. One of them is obvious, the box my keyboard came in. It's just small enough so something is always sticking out in an amusing fashion.

The other one is the tub. I don't know why, he's never liked tubs before, but he loves this one. Whatever, he's weird.


tamilyn said...

Our old cat Wally would lay in the tub for hours; however when he heard the shower or a bath running, he would hide until we were done-then he lay down again. Maybe it is cooler?

Yesica N. Cook said...

Our crazy tortie likes to sit under the dripping showerhead, jumping around manically looking really annoyed when, amazingly enough, it drips on her. Cats are so weird. Bob looks adorable in that box. Hope you're both settling in OK.

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

You have to love cats with their independence and eccentricities - lol.

Love the Carmelized Onions, Beer, Rice and Beans! This is a must try.


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