Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Cats #78

Noodles has a stubby little tail.
It kind of looks like a kitten tail since it starts so broad at her haunches and tapers to a fine point. Maybe she's just a giant kitten, which would explain her behavior.

The real Bob has never eaten real fish in his life (not counting canned tuna), yet somehow he knows he wants that goldfish.
Fortunately he isn't clever enough to open the lid or graceful enough to balance on the edge of the cabinet. Heh.


Plain Chicken said...

Cute photos!

Leslie said...

Noodles has a wide ass! LOL
My lovely Archie torments our Beta fish. He has knocked the fish tank off of the deck on to the floor in hopes to get the fish. The fish survived. So now the fish tank resides in the laundry room sink so the cat doesn't make a complete mess again.

vanillasugarblog said...

i didn't know you had fish! do you know if i had those my cat would eat them. i want them so badly but my cat LOVE fish. why? i have a video that i put on the tv for him about squirrels, birds and one about fish. he LOVES it and talks the whole time. funny to watch him you know?
you have the most chill cats.
i can't even imagine trying to have gerbils in my house, what a nightmare that would be.

Shelby said...

LOL, Leslie is a hoot! My cats sit and watch the birds out the window. That is the closest they will get to any other animal besides each other!


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