Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Cats #77

Uhm, buddy? Trying to make the bed here.
Yes, you.
Fine.Heh, he loves it, really. He'll stay under the covers for whole lengths of time. He does risk getting stuff piled on him if we don't notice he's under there though.


Velva said...

So cute! My cat prefers to stay above the covers. However, my dog tunnels under covers all the time. When she is napping she is under the covers somewhere in he house.

Shelby said...

lol so cute! Reminds me of Rotten Rudy. He loves to crawl under the covers with me and curl up against me to sleep!

Leslie said...

Bob looks so comfy!

tamilyn said...

Tofu hasn't crawled under the covers yet, but our old cat would come in as soon as he heard the TV and stand on my pillow until I lifted the comforter and let him in. At the moment Tofu is asleep on the arm of the chair with her paw on my is awfully cute!

strmywthr3 said...

love it! My one cat loves to sleep under the blankets. I have to make the bed in my spare bedroom at least once a week because she's climbing underneath the blankets and messing them all up. she once climbed into the middle of a blanket that I had folded and stacked at the end of the bed. the only thing sticking out was her tail.


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