Sunday, August 31, 2008


So this isn't really a recipe. Mostly because, well, I didn't measure anything. But I can give you a pretty good idea of how to make a good frappe. For those of you not from New England, a frappe is like a really thick milkshake made with ice cream. You take a bunch of ice cream, a little milk, sometimes flavorings and blend it. Then you drink it. It's wicked good. I made some tonight and snapped a few pictures, so I figured I would share. Here is what I did. I started with a pint of ice cream, and just so you know you don't want slow churned or light or any of that stuff. They have too much air in them so they don't really work out well. I like Haagen Dazs. It also has the highest fat content of pretty much any ice cream. That's why it's so good. Heh. You can make it with any flavor you like, but I am using vanilla. You want to let it soften a bit, but not too much. It makes it easier to blend. Now all you really need is ice cream and a little milk. How much milk? Just enough to make it drinkable instead of soft-serve consistency. I added maybe a quarter cup this time around. I'm also adding some chocolate syrup. Again, I didn't measure it. It's kinda hard to have too much chocolate. I am also adding some strawberries, maybe a cup or so. I cut off the stems and leaves and cut them into big pieces to make blending them quicker. Toss it all in the blender and let 'er rip. Once it's smoothish it's done. Don't blend it too long or the ice cream will just melt. Pour it into your wicked cool Indiana Jones pint glass or whatever you happen to have and enjoy.

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