Monday, November 26, 2012

A Question About Master Stock and a Note About Facebook

First, has anyone ever made/used master stock? It's a Chinese thing where the same liquid is used to braise things over and over, in China some are claimed to be hundreds of years old apparently. I'm starting one as I type this but I was wondering if anyone had any tips.

As for Facebook, it can now officially bite me. My account seems to have disappeared, I can't log in or even get it acknowledged that it exists. So if you've been trying to contact me through there I won't be getting it. However I'm still here, so if you have something to tell/ask/whatever this is the place to do it. Thank you for your time.


Sidsel Munkholm - Author said...

You intrigued me with the question you posed so I did what any reasonable person would do and looked it up on Wikipedia. And realized I've done something similar many times. After making a chicken stock, I've decided that the flavour wasn't intense enough, so I've added more chicken and more veggies, let it simmer, and then either used it or frozen it. And I will use some frozen chicken stock to 'fake' a long simmered stock for a quickie soup meal. I'll check back here and see if you get any other responses.

Bob said...

@Sid: I've done multiple deglazings in the past, which is another great way to intensify flavor, but hadn't thought to freeze stock for reuse. Heh, it seemed so obvious when I read about it. I have a couple cups of it in the freezer now and I'll probably use it again sometime next week. Further updates as events warrant.

Janice said...

There must be some collective thinking going on. Facebook, yes, it can bite me too! As for the master stock, I am really curious. I hope you will post more on the subject.

Mom said...

I've done the making stock, using it again, making it stronger with more stuff., using again. Just did it with my turkey stock--made some before Thanksgiving, used some, added the circus to what was left, simmered again, used some for turkey-sausage gumbo, froze the rest to use later. Never lasts hundreds of years, tho! There are sourdough starts people say are hundreds of years old, too.

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