Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Few Things, Plus Some Stuff

So I've done a few things lately, plus I have some stuff my brother made that I really need to post. But am I actually doing that?


Instead I'm just going to put up a few random pics, taunt the internet with a lack of recipes and then go play Ghost Master all day.

In that spirit, meatballs in a ninja turtle?

Yep. But what could they be for? Or are they ready already? Who knows?

Remember that pot roast I wrote about a while ago? Here it is!

 It was wicked good, the whole meal done in one pot. Remind me to tell you the recipe some time.

This was breakfast today. As you can see there's eggs, a tortilla and cheese.
 It's wicked easy too, you could even make a bunch all at once for a group of people. Yeah, it doesn't get much better than quick, easy and delicious.

Anyway,  right now I'm making this.
 I can't tell you how it turns out since I'm not yet at that moment in time. But so far so good, at least it smells great. Heh. Hopefully I'll get good shots of it and will be able to post it sometime. In fact, I should probably be tending it instead of blogging...

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Mom said...

What did you do with the potatoes? They look very good.


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